Facts about Polarized Sunglasses and Exposure to UV Rays

Proper sun protection for your eyes:

Advantages of Polarized Sunglasses

Good quality, proper fitting, UV-protective sunglasses with polarized lenses in combination with other features can enhance your outdoor activities and sport experiences, whether you enjoy boating, fishing, in-line skating, mountain biking, skiing, hiking, kayaking, waterskiing, jet skiing, windsurfing, sailing, driving or just relaxing.

Too much unprotected exposure to UV radiation can cause “photokeratitis” – a sunburn of the eye. The symptoms are temporary eye redness,uncomfortableness, light sensitivity and tearfulness. Fortunately, these symptoms are usually short-lived, although long periods of UV radiation exposure can sometimes cause permanent eye damage. "Snow blindness" is the common term for severe photokeratitis, which causes temporary vision loss usually lasting 24-48 hours.

The closer to 100% protection a pair of sunglasses provide,
the safer your eyes will be from damage.

All Coyote Eyewear sunglasses provide
100% protection from harmful ultraviolet rays
including UVA, B and C.

Lens Tints - Colors and Vision

Different tints can help you see better in certain conditions and reduce glare and reflections by changing the quantity and quality of light entering the eye.


Performance-Enhancing Lens Features:

The darkness and color of tint on sunglasses are not reliable indicators of their UV protection ability. A light yellow colored lens can provide the same UV protection as a dark gray lens. Other performance-enhancing features may be desirable in your choice of sport sunglasses.

A good choice for sports sunglasses is polycarbonate lenses. These lenses are lightweight and shatter-resistant, and they block 100 percent of the sun's harmful UV rays without extra additives or coatings.